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How did I get into doing Bowen?

So how did I get into doing Bowen?

I first came to know Bowen through our Equine Bowen Therapist, who had done a fantastic job with our mare. I remember watching him work, and thinking ‘how on earth can such gentle work have any effect on a big animal like that!?’

But the result spoke for itself!

So I did a little bit of googling and found out that in order to train in Equine Bowen Therapy, I would need to be qualified in Human first.

So here I am! Treating both horses and human with such an amazing technique. I often get asked which one do I prefer, human or horses?

Both! I get so much satisfaction from seeing changes in the body, initiated by my own hands!

Not a lot of people can say they enjoy their job, but I can honestly say that my work is definitely a big enjoyment in life 😁



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Jun Chow

CBS, ESEBT, BSc (Hons)

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